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About the Book

Attitude decides our altitude and when we change your attitude, we change your life. Attitude is Everything: Change Your Attitude…Change Your Life is a success manual that gives plans for us to take control of our lives and unleash the untapped potential. This book consists of 12 Lessons that cover a wide range of topics like paving one’s path, making commitments to oneself, confronting fears, etc.


.About the Author

Jeff Keller is a speaker, seminar leader, and writer in the area of motivation and human potential. He delivers his motivational presentations to businesses, associations as well as educational institutions. Jeff is also an attorney. He practiced law for more than ten years before pursuing a full-time career as an inspirational speaker and writer. Besides Attitude is Everything, he is the author of a number of inspirational and self-help books such as : The Winning Attitude: How to Create Extraordinary Results in Your Life, Here’s to Your Success: Success from Soup to Nuts!


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