10 [FREE] ways to Make your Computer Lightning Fast | Step-by-step

10 [FREE] ways to Make your Computer Lightning Fast | Step-by-step

A slow and lagging computer is really frustrating, especially if it even fails to run basic programs.

So in this blog post I am going to share with you 10 free and simple tips that will definitely boost up your computer speed.

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Definitely nothing can beat a hardware upgrade but if you do have a lower end computer or you if your computer has become slow over the years these tips will definitely help.

And Don’t worry all the tips that I will be sharing are free and simple to do. You don’t need to be a tech freak to do them!

Let’s get started!

1. Uninstall Unwanted apps and programs | Make your computer fast

Uninstall programs you don't need to free up space.
Uninstalling apps give you more space!

As time goes on we install additional programs into our PC according to our needs but forget to uninstall them once we don’t need them. The result – It takes up memory and resources and thus can slow down our computer.

To uninstall them simple go to ‘Control Panel’ and click on ‘uninstall a program’ under ‘programs’ section.

Now select any program that you want to remove and click on uninstall.

2. Clear out Startup programs | Make your computer fast

10 [FREE] ways to Make your Computer Lightening Fast | Step-by-step
Disable programs from auto starting

This is a major reason why many computers slow down over time.

As you install more apps and programs over time, many of them start automatically once you boot up your computer. Thereby they keep running in the background taking up resources all the time.

Now Don’t think that if you don’t see any programs running in the taskbar, there aren’t any. They are hidden and running in the background.

To see these programs you need to go to Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc (Windows 8 & 10) and then go to Startup tab of the taskbar to see all the programs that start up with windows.

Now what you can do is Right Click and Disable the programs that you don’t need all the time. This will stop them from auto starting every time you turn on your computer and thus your computer will be ready to work on in less time.

You can manually run these programs whenever you need but just don’t want them to automatically start with windows.

3. Scan for Viruses and Malware | Make your computer fast

Windows Defender is a free antivirus by Microsoft.
Windows Defender is a free antivirus by Microsoft.

In simple words viruses are unwanted programs that disrupt the normal functioning of a computer. And Malware is the collective name for a number of malicious software variants, including viruses, ransomware and spyware.

These can significantly slow down your computer by running in the background and taking up your PC’s resources.

Now there are free and paid antiviruses and many paid ones have a free version also.

Examples of some good free antiviruses are:

I personlly use Microsoft Defender. The reason being it is free and made by Microsoft. Also it has got tons of useful features!

Even if your pc isn’t slow you should always have an antivirus installed!

Now moving onto point number 4.

4. Disabling Windows animations | Make your computer fast

10 [FREE] ways to Make your Computer Lightening Fast | Step-by-step
Turn off all unnecessary animations

To do this go to Ease of Access in Control Panel and then click on ‘optimize visual display’. Now under ‘Make things on the screen easier to use’, check ‘Turn off all unnecessary animations (when possible)’.

Then click on Apply to save your changes.

This will really make your computer faster especially if you have a low end PC.

5. Keep Everything updated | Make your computer fast

10 [FREE] ways to Make your Computer Lightening Fast | Step-by-step
Microsoft frequently release new updates that are optimized for performance.

This includes your windows, graphics, drivers, apps etc.

These software companies regularly release updated versions of their products that are optimized for performance and also improve security.

So it’s best to update them.

To update your windows and Drivers in Windows 8 and 10 all you have to do is go to your ‘Settings’ then Update & Security and then click on ‘check for updates. You can also decide which updates to install from the advanced tab.

For Windows 7, you can go to your Control Panel and then you search ‘update’ in the search bar to update.

6. Check your Power settings | Make your computer fast

10 [FREE] ways to Make your Computer Lightening Fast | Step-by-step

Windows gives you the option of different Power modes such as Battery saver, Better battery, Better performance and Best Performance.

While the Battery saver will save your battery and make your computer last longer but, it also slows down your computer considerably.

So let me tell you how you can change this battery setting to make your computer faster.

In Windows 8 and 10, it’s super easy. Just go to your Battery icon in the taskbar and switch the Power mode to ‘Better Performance’.

If you are on a Desktop computer or your PC is plugged you can also switch to ‘Best performance’ for the best results.

In windows 7, you need to go to Control Panel then ‘Hardware and sounds’ and then to Power Options. Here you can chose between different power plans such as Balanced, Power saver and High Performance.

7. Check Drive Health

Disk errors may be one of the reasons why your computer is slow or not functioning well.

10 [FREE] ways to Make your Computer Lightening Fast | Step-by-step

To check the Drives Health go to the Start menu, type CMD and then right click and chose ‘Run as administrator’.

Once the command prompt window opens type in the following command ‘WMIC’ and press enter. Then type ‘Diskdrive get status’.

If they all show OK for each drive, it means there are no immediate serious problems with any of your drives.

But, if any of your drives show something other than OK, then one of your drives have an issue and you may have to replace it.

8. Check Windows File Integrity

You can do this via Command Prompt.

10 [FREE] ways to Make your Computer Lightening Fast | Step-by-step

Run it as an administrator and type in the following command:

‘sfc /scannow’

This will run the System file checker which will basically check and try to repair any ‘system file’ that is missing or corrupted.

If there is an error you can just Google it and try to find a solution.

9. Check for memory errors

If there are problems with your computer memory, it can cause a lot of weird problems.

10 [FREE] ways to Make your Computer Lightening Fast | Step-by-step

To check your computer for memory errors follow these steps:

Go to your search menu and search for ‘Windows Memory Diagnostic’. After clicking on it you get the option to ‘restart now’ or ‘check for errors the next time you start your computer’. Chose whichever option you are comfortable with.

After you restart, windows will run the Diagnostic Tool automatically and tell if something is wrong with your computer’s memory.

10. Reformat and Reinstall Windows

10 [FREE] ways to Make your Computer Lightening Fast | Step-by-step
You can do a Fresh start from Windows Defender.

This is the most extreme option and you may want to do this only if no other method works.

Reinstalling windows will give you the option of starting all over again and fix any errors that you couldn’t.

You may take help of the following article to guide you through the complete process:


If you have some tips too, do leave a comment and let me know!

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